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Monday, September 3, 2012

Car Accident Has Not Slowed Down Singer Cheryl Cole in Promoting Her Album

A couple of days after the bloody car accident that happened to singer Cheryl Cole and her rapper friend, Cole decided to fly back from Los Angeles to UK to promote her new album called “Under the Sun” despite their doctors’ advice to take a rest.

According to reports, the two came from a studio for a long recording session last Wednesday when the incident occurred. Apparently, slammed his Cadillac into a parked car while his 29-year old singer friend Cole was in the front passenger seat. 

The incident left them both with a bloody nose and a little shaken up. Fortunately, no one was inside the parked car which was severely damaged.

Upon the arrival of police and paramedics, was transported to the nearby Cedars Sinai hospital for a full check up, while Cole was said to be treated at the accident scene. Shortly thereafter, was seen leaving the hospital in a neck brace with blood stains on his jeans.

Through their social media musings, both assured their fans that they were doing fine following the car accident.

In an interview, Cole was asked if she thinks was the world’s worst driver and she replied that the guy was a bad talker to the point that he even talked about Mars and NASA.

Obviously, nothing can stop the two from savoring their hard-earned success and keeping up their spot in fame.

While fans of both music personalities are waiting for their collaboration, they provided their fans something new to keep them excited. Cole is now promoting her new album, while the Black Eyed Peas and leading producer’s recent hit song was played back by NASA’s Curiosity rover as part of an educational event.

Consequently, a car accident attorney in Los Angeles no longer wonders why seems so interested with NASA and Mars. Obviously, he played a great part in the world’s most watched exploration events.


  1. It is very good thing that this singer is not stopping their album promotion because of accident, I think people can take help of injury lawyer in this condition.

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  2. Well, in their case, it seems that was at fault since he slammed his car into a parked car. Fortunately, they only got minor injuries. I just hope, would lessen his being a talkative driver so that such car accident will never happen again.


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