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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Car Accident Kills 1, Injures 6; Shuts down Interstate 15 Northbound Lanes

All northbound lanes on the Interstate 15 south of Winchester road in Temecula were closed following a fatal car accident that killed one person and injured six people.

Accordingly, reports said that a two-car accident was reported at around 10:53 on Tuesday evening. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) initially reported on August 7 that two of the people who sustained injuries are in critical condition but on the following day, the CHP declared that one of them had died.

Meanwhile, officers from the Riverside County Fire Department who responded to the accident scene said that one person was trapped in the car crash. However, it was not determined whether that person was the one with severe injuries who recently died.

Consequently, all lanes on the northbound side of the Interstate 15 near Winchester Road were reopened early Wednesday at around 12:25 in the morning, said the California Highway Patrol.

On a related note, car accidents occur in the glimpse of an eye. However, its devastating effects to one’s life usually last long. Generally, due to such accidents, many people and families are left with unacceptable fate that can change their entire lives.

Nowadays, personal injury incurred from car accidents is becoming a major tort case in the country. It is specifically provided by the federal law to compensate the rapidly growing number of helpless victims who suffer injuries, as well as the families who have lost their loved ones. Those who are liable for the incident may find themselves facing either civil or criminal suits.

In Los Angeles, auto accident attorney has mastered car accident actions and has proven himself as excellent in the long run of successful cases over the years. Being competent and dedicated, having nothing in mind but to battle for righteousness and to win is the most promising qualities that a lawyer must have in such cases of car accident litigations. 


  1. Oh, it’s a very sad and tragic incident. I just hope that the authorities will implement more stringent traffic rules and strictly enforce it. In that way tragic accidents like this can be avoided. I’m just hoping that those families of the victims of this car accident were able to hire competent lawyers and were able to file a case in court. I hope the victims were duly compensated and were able to get their claims for moral and actual damages.

    Ethan Rehman

  2. I think everyone who gets behind the wheel everyday in LA needs to read about things like this remind them that they need to exercise every precaution. Not only can you lose your life in a blink of an eye but you can also lose your livelihood, leaving your family with no source of income. Anyone who realizes this, realizes the important role that Los Angeles auto accident lawyers have to play.
    Toronto Car Accident Lawyers

  3. Yeah, good point of view @Ethan and @S.W. Konotopetz. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It does pay to stay be prepared and secured at all times. Having an insured car and a health plan could be useful for one’s life and his/her family also. However, despite all those preparations, another important factor that should be looked into is the things that should be done after an accident. The injured party should know his/her rights and how to assert it properly.

    Javier Hoppes

  5. I think the important lesson here is that every driver needs to follow the rules for safety driving all the time. These rules are for them to become responsible drivers, for them to be safe every time they are on the road, and to avoid tragic accidents like this. It’s sad to see the innocent ones get severely hurt because of some minor mistakes. I hope the victims in this said incident were given fair compensation and that they’ll be able to recover quickly, in terms of their physical and emotional well-being.

    Tracy Pierre

  6. Accidents like this are becoming more and more frequent. This is a serious matter, as accidents can cause physical, emotional, and mental injuries. What’s more tragic is that more often than not, the tortfeasor gets away without paying his liabilities. That’s why you NEED to consult a personal injury lawyer immediately after the accident. Doing this exercises your rights and will help you get compensated promptly.

    Amy Baron

  7. Thanks everyone for taking some time reading and leaving your comments, ideas and speculations on my blog. I am really overwhelmed. Have a good day!

  8. Car accident is usually caused by some irresponsible acts such as over speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, disobeying traffic rules and signs etc.. at more..and the possible injury that we can sustain in a car accident is neck injury or wphilash injury. If someone caused the car accident, it is possible to claim for compensation for the injury sustained. A whiplash claim solicitors can help you claim for the whiplash injury sustained or neck injury.

  9. Thanks @Rachelbooth for sharing your experiences and ideas. At least we were able to spread knowledge and awareness to people through such online portals like this.


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