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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

UFC Legend Randy Couture’s Manager Figures in Fiery L.A. Car Crash

Photo gives credit to TMZ.
In recent news stories, UFC Legend Randy Couture’s manager was reportedly involved in a fiery vehicle accident in Los Angeles this month.

Couture told a media firm that his manager, Sam Spira, and daughter were caught up in a horrible accident as Spira was driving his BMW X6M to a friend’s house. He stated that after they heard a loud bang while traveling about 10 miles per hour, his car speeded up all of a sudden. Spira tried to reduce his speed but in a short while, his engine malfunctioned and then emitted light and flames under the car.

Subsequently, as they were trying to escape from the car, the door on the passenger seat side where his daughter was sitting would not open. Therefore, he quickly grabbed his daughter and pulled her out through the driver’s seat side.

Shortly, firefighters arrived at the scene and extinguished the fire. However, Spira’s car was still totaled by the blaze, according to Couture.

Unfortunately, despite his repeated efforts trying to contact the BMW Corporation, his calls are simply being ignored. Until present, the car was not yet inspected to determine why its engine exploded.

Consequently, if the company failed to do something soon, he plans to sue it for damages.

Meanwhile, several personal injury lawyers said that Spira and his daughter should be grateful enough that the incident did not occur in a freeway because if it did, they could have been dead by now. Nevertheless, they claimed that Spira indeed has the right to sue the company following the incident. 


  1. The BMW must be accountable why there engine suddenly exploded. There are accident claim companies that they can contact to help them settle this situation.

  2. Definitely true @selenagarry. The automaker can be held accountable for the damages and injuries that resulted from the explosion.


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