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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Video Footage on Lindsay Lohan’s Alleged Hit-and-run Blurs Identities of Pedestrians

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LA Times.
In a video footage released by the New York Police Department last Thursday, authorities failed to identify the pedestrians on the streets as Lohan’s car passed by.

The video only revealed one pedestrian going after Lohan’s car, but it was unclear as to who the person was. Also, there was a portion in the footage that showed Lohan driving up a ramp just near an alley in the Chelsea neighborhood.

The release of the said security video came upon the request of some sources familiar with the case since they believe that the same would help in Lohan’s defense over her alleged hit-and-run car accident.

Lohan was reportedly involved in another car misfortune. According to reports, she allegedly hit the knee of a pedestrian as she was about to park her car at the Dream Hotel in Manhattan, New York. In fact, she was subsequently arrested following a complaint from the pedestrian whom she allegedly struck.

According to experts, upon seeing the video footage, authorities can assess whether Lohan indeed grazed a person and if she did, it could also be determined if the impact or the contact of the collision really made it impossible for the actress to be aware of the accident since it was so minor.

Unfortunately, the video footage proved inconclusive as to whether there was indeed a hit-and-run incident that occurred.

Meanwhile, Lohan’s party is denying the allegations. Moreover, Lohan is quite confident that this matter would be cleared up in the next few weeks, according to her spokesperson.

Although the video footage didn’t go with Lohan’s luck, the troubled actress is still fortunate that it didn’t bring her into more serious predicaments, said by a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

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