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Monday, October 1, 2012

Rapper Soulja Boy Sued over Minor Hollywood Car Accident

Following his June minor car accident, rapper Soulja Boy is now being sued by the two passengers of the other car that he rammed with his Bentley.

Aside from the car accident claims, Bobbiye Sullinger and Herman Flowers also jointly filed a separate lawsuit against the rapper for a video that he posted online after the accident. In the said video, Soulja Boy claimed that Sullinger and Flowers were racists.

In their joint lawsuit, Sullinger and Flowers are seeking for physical, financial, and emotional damages.

Incidentally, all claims that were set against Soulja Boy stemmed only from the June 23 car accident. It could be remember that the rapper was involved in a minor Hollywood car crash last June. Based on the initial investigation, it appeared that Sullinger was with Flowers who was at the passenger’s seat waiting for the traffic light when Soulja Boy swerved into the female driver’s lane. As a result of which, Soulja Boy’s car hit Sullinger’s car.

Initially, Soulja Boy claimed that his bodyguard was the one driving his car. However, he later admitted that he was behind the wheels when the accident happened.

Reports said that Sullinger and Flowers are now suing the rapper for oral defamation in connection to the rapper’s allegation that they were both racists and liars. Moreover, Sullinger claimed that the video contains threaded lies and the same negatively affected her career and seriously damaged her reputation.

Soulja Boy was most known for his 2007 hit rap song, “Crank that (Soulja Boy).” The said rap ditty hit the top spot of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. Now, Soulja Boy will again hug the headlines, but this time around for his recent legal predicaments, commented by a Los Angeles car accident attorney.


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  4. Yeah right maxenewells. Apparently, said rapper is now in hot water following the said lawsuit.


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