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Monday, December 17, 2012

Factors that Increase Motorcycle Accidents and other Traffic Mishaps

In a recent report released by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), it was revealed that motor vehicle accident rates in California vary for many reasons. Some reason seen by the agency for the said gradation is due to the rise in traffic volume at particular times in a year, rise in drunk drivers, and other weather-related factors.

In addition, by comparing annual reports, both car and truck accident rates have been significantly affected with the increased use of cell phones and hand-held devices, as well as state laws that prohibit distracted driving behavior.

Meanwhile, the recent increase in the number of motorcycle fatalities in the state has been attributed to other factors, such as with the increased popularity of the motorcycles due to its fuel-efficiency, and its being convenient to use. In fact, motorcycle registration in the state is about to double in number in the past decade. So far, California has over one million registered motorcycle riders.

Incidentally, CHP’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records Systems data from 2010 to 2011 revealed that the number of motorcyclist killed has increased by 20 percent.

Unfortunately, over the decade ending in 2007, motorcycle accident fatalities increased by 132 percent. Therefore, safety advocates are concerned that an annual toll of several hundred fatalities and 10,000 or more injuries is the unwelcomed new normal.

Consequently, CHP is urging all motorists to focus on strategies in preventing future accidents. The agency noted that vehicle drivers who are making turns should always take a second look to make sure that they did not fail to notice a motorcycle from behind.  Also, a Los Angeles motorcycle lawyer herein agreed on the same suggestion as he noticed the same thing in his daily experience.

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  1. What calls this point of view into question is the fact that there are no state statistics that prove online marketing articles whether all these extra penalties have resulted in better driving in California. If behavior modification is the goal, how are they measuring it? And how many "adjustments" are going to be necessary?


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